Jay Rockefeller

US politicians renew calls for violent games investigation following Lanza “score” headlines

Following a report suggesting the perpetrator of last year’s Sandy Hook massacre was trying to get some sort of ‘high score’, a pair of US politicians have renewed their campaigns against violent games.

8 years ago

Jay Rockefeller headlines

  • Violent game research bill reintroduced to US congress

    Senator Jay Rockefeller reintroduced his controversial bill to US congress yesterday – which calls for further research into the impact of violent games on children – after it failed to pass earlier this month.

    8 years ago
  • US Senator proposes congress bill to research the impact of violent games

    US Senator Jay Rockefeller has proposed a new bill to congress that – if passed- would task the National Academy of Sciences with thoroughly researching the impact of violent games and other violent media on the young minds. If passed, the bill could result in the largest study into the effects of violent games ever […]

    8 years ago