Japanese Game Market

Square head wants Japanese devs to create more “adult” oriented games

Square president Yoichi Wada has called upon the Japanese gaming industry to create adult oriented games in order to compete in the global market.“There are not many publishers that create games for adults,” he said. “In the West, they tend to believe it’s cool to play games, even adults.”In order to do this, change is […]

11 years ago

Japanese Game Market headlines

  • Koei sales outside of Japan only come to around 8%

    Sony Japan Studios’ senior VP, Yasuhide Kobayashi, told attendees at DICE Asia that some Japanese companies struggle with sales outside the home market, and Koei seems to struggle the most with only 8 percent coming from outside of Japan.This means that 91.8 percent of its sales come straight from the home market.Following Koei is Tecmo […]

    11 years ago
  • 2008 not so great for Japanese game market

    According to a Famitsu report uncovered by Kotaku’s newshounds, Japan’s videogame market took another tumble last year — and the hill’s looking mighty steep.2008 saw the market pull in a total of ¥582.61 billion, while 2007 ponied up ¥687.95 billion. Especially noticeable, hardware sales dropped from ¥327.41 billion to ¥250.5 billion. Software sales, on the […]

    12 years ago