January Npd 2009

Gama’s NPD analysis posted

Having been pipped to the January NPD analysis post by Edge’s Kris Graft last week, Gamasutra’s posted up its exclusive Matt Mathews feature on the US sales numbers. As ever, it’s a solid effort. Nice graphs. Sombre colouring. Great pies. Very authoritative. Not as Day-glo as the Edge piece, but you can’t have everything. Do […]

January Npd 2009 headlines

  • Sony shrugs off mediocre January NPD figures

    Peter Dille, Sony’s SVP of marketing, has finally commented on the less-than-stellar NPD numbers reported for PlayStation consoles for January. Well, sort of. “The PlayStation brand experienced a record year in sales in 2008 and we have every reason to believe our blockbuster line up combined with PS3’s position as the best Blu-ray player and […]

  • January NPD - Edge fires back in NPD analysis war

    Edge doesn’t take shit lying down. No sir. Despite losing the delights of Matt Mathews’ famed NPD analysis features back to Gamasutra in November, Edge’s own Kris Graft has stepped up to the plate with his own graphs, his own words, his own coloured pie charts based on the monthly NPD release. See here. It’s […]

  • January NPD: Lich King PC winner in US last month

    Wrath of the Lich King was the biggest selling PC game in the US last month, NPD figures have shown, with Spore and the WoW: Battle Chest coming in at second and third place respectively. Full top 20 below. Hit this for all the rest of the new from last night’s NPD release. World Of […]

  • January NPD: PlayStation platforms see serious YoY decline in US

    Sony hasn’t yet put out a post-NPD press release. A quick look at its hardware figures for January may show why. All PlayStation platforms saw a serious year-on-year decline in the US last month. PlayStation 3 sales were down nearly 25 percent compared to January 2008, selling 203,000 as opposed to 269,000 last year. PSP […]

  • January NPD: Xbox 360 sales up 33%, Live subs over 17 million

    Microsoft’s post-NPD statement’s a happy affair, dwelling on 33 percent growth for 360 sales in Janaury compared to the same month in 2007, and claiming last month set a record for people signing up to Live. More than 17 million people have now signed up to the online service, said the company, and the Halo […]

  • January NPD - Wii triple header leaves everything else for dead

    The January NPD has shown astonishing sales for Wii Fit, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii, the three leading the software top ten for the month. In addition, despite hell freezing over in the financial sector, January software sales have seen a ten percent increase Y-o-Y. “Software sales still increased 10 percent over last January, […]

  • January NPD: US industry rises 13% to $1.33 billion

    The US games industry grew 13 percent year-on-year to $1.33 billion, just-released January NPD figures have shown. Hardware sales were up 17 percent for the month compared to the previous period, hitting $445.4 million. Software sales rose less steeply, but showed a solid 10 percent increase. $676.6 million worth of games were sold in the […]

  • January NPD: Nintendo clear hardware winner once again

    The January 2009 NPD hardware results have just been released, and, surprising no one, Nintendo is the definitive winner of the lot. The results are as follows: Wii – 679,000 DS – 510,000 Xbox 360 – 309,000 PS3 – 203,000 PS2 – 101,000 PSP – 172,000 The run down on all the January numbers can be […]

  • January NPD - All raw data, 360 beats PS3

    Hardware Unit Sales Jan-09 PlayStation 2 101.2K PlayStation 3 203.2K PSP 172.3K Xbox 360 309K Wii 679.2K Nintendo DS 510.8K Top 10 SKU’s January 2009 Title Publisher Platform Rank # Units WII FIT NINTENDO OF AMERICA WII 1 777K WII PLAY W/ REMOTE NINTENDO OF AMERICA WII 2 415K MARIO KART W/WHEEL NINTENDO OF AMERICA […]

  • EEDAR January NPD predictions: Wii at 740k

    EEDAR’s put out its NPD predictions, reckoning Wii sold a staggering 740,000 units at US retail last month. The figure’s in stark contrast to Michael Pachter’s estimate, also released today. The Wedbush Morgan analyst said he thought 550,000 Wiis were sold in January. EEDAR’s plumped for 210,000 and 300,000 units of PS3 and 360 respectively, […]