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  • Hawken February update adds holiday-themed skins

    Hawken has added five new mech customisation items in celebration of events this month. Two dragon-themed camouflage skins celebrate Lunar New Year along with a new thruster, while Valentine’s Day has produced some laughably cute skins. You can rent the skins for free until February 19, but if you’d like to have access to them […]

  • Buy a Nvidia GeForce card from today, get free Hawken, PlanetSide 2 & World of Tanks credit

    Nvidia has announced that it is embracing the shift in high-spec F2P titles, by offering free in-game credit for Hawken, PlanetSide 2 and World of Tanks when you buy any GeForce GTX card from today.

  • Hawken uses Nvidia's PhysX: new trailer is rather beautiful

    Hawken, the stompy mech shooter from Adhesive Games is a rather lovely looking game, but it just got a heavy dose of injected pretty, thanks to embracing Nvidia’s PhysX tech. Better get upgrading your rigs kids. See it in action after the break.

  • Project Shield attracts interest from Hawken dev, Epic and Ubisoft

    Project Shield, Nvidia’s Tegra 4-powered, Android-based portable console announced at CES 2013 yesterday, has already attracted interest and praise from some big names.

  • The Hawken open beta launch interview - challenges, specs and consoles

    With Adhesive Games’ mech shooter Hawken’s open beta launching on Wednesday, it’s an exciting time for mech fans. Meteor Entertainment’s CEO Mark Long talks to PCGamesN about the challenges they faced, how the team ramped the game up without taxing player’s systems, free-to-play and why we probably won’t see the game on consoles.

  • Hawken cinematic trailer

    A cinematic trailer is out for Adhesive Games’ Hawken in the lead up to the open beta starting on Wednesday, 12 December.

  • Hawken release delayed with no new date set

    The Hawken dev team have announced they will not be able to make their previously set launch date.

  • Hawken's open beta starts next week

    Hawken’s open beta will start next week, Adhesive Games has announced.

  • Hawken’s Mark Long on core F2P and VR pornography

    Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment are aiming to reconcile core gamers with a meaningful free to play experience via killer mechs. Stace Harman speaks with Mark Long to find out how.

  • Hawken opens local Australian, Japanese and Singaporean servers

    Hawken publisher Meteor and developer Adhesive Games have opened servers for Australian, Japanese and Singaporean gamers. Ausgamers reports these new destinations aren’t just dedicated servers located in the US, but properly hosted local offerings. You can get on board your closest server from the drop-down regional menu in the matchmaking menu. What’s that? You’re not […]

  • Hawken: detailed new screens show off chunky mech combat

    Hawken is currently in its final closed beta phase. VG247 is giving away 500 beta keys right here if you want in on the action. Adhesive Games’ has just released a new batch of screens for its online mech battler. If you’re a fan of robots and insanely detailed PC visuals, check out the shots […]

  • Hawken beta: we've got 500 keys, grab yours here

    Hawken’s final closed beta phase is kicking off November 20 and we have 500 keys up for grabs. Claim yours below.

  • Hawken's second closed beta starts tomorrow, runs November 8-13

    Hawken will be the recipient of a second closed beta starting tomorrow, and running through November 13. As an incentive, the developers are putting pre-sale bundles featuring customization and item perks on sale for $5, $15, $30 and $60, according to Joystiq. Open beta starts on December 12 and you can sign up for it […]

  • Hawken videos offer crash course in mech combat

    If you jumped into Hawken’s beta this weekend you may have spent the first hour flailing about in confusion being thoroughly blown up. That’s okay, friend; that is normal. Peep at these training videos until you reach a level of basic competence.

  • Hawken closed beta dates revealed, registration open now

    Hawken beta play has been dated by developer Adhesive Games, and closed beta registrations are now open. The indie studio made the announcement at New York Comic-Con, as well as discussing the success of Hawken’s alpha testing. Find out how you can take part below.

  • Hawken won't support Oculus Rift at launch

    Oculus Rift may have been slightly over-enthusiastic in tis messaging of Hawken’s support for the headset; the mech sim’s developers don’t even have the hardware yet.

  • Hawken's PvE mode confirmed, co-op on the cards

    Hawken is a competitive multiplayer effort through and through, but Adhesive Games is keen to to bring in other kinds of experience.

  • Hawken will support Oculus Rift at launch

    Hawken, the bonerrific indie mech sim expected in December, will release with full support for VR headset oculus Rift.

  • Hawken gameplay demo shows shooting mixed with techno music

    Hawken, the free-to-play online shooter from Adhesive Games, has been played by the folks over at PC Gamer. Below the break, you can watch four minutes of gameplay from the site, complete with techno music. Hawken will release in December on PC and you can get in on the beta through here.

  • Hawken live action series will launch in 2013, see the trailer here

    Hawken, the free -to-play mech blaster from Adhesive Games is to be adapted into a live action series courtesy of DJ2 entertainment and Warner Premier. They describe it as “Romeo & Juliet” meets “District 9.” Check out the trailer here.

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