Halo Legends

Halo Legends gets a date with Blu-ray, DVD

The Halo Legends DVD has a date with North America and Europe on February 16, and will come in a standard edition, a two-disc special edition, and Blu-ray.

Halo Legends headlines

  • Halo Legends episode "The Package" arrives on XBL today

    Another free episode of Halo Legends has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace today. For the next 24-hours, you can check out Master Chief in “The Package” along with four “specially selected Spartans” in what is part one of a two-part episode that concludes on December 12. Halo Legends also arrives on Blu-ray February 9. […]

  • Second Halo Legends episode, The Duel, premieres today

    The second episode of Halo Legends, The Duel, premieres today on Halo Waypoint. It will be free for 24-hours for both Silver and Gold members will have access to the anime. Silver members should note that this is their last week to explore Waypoint for free along with the weekly episodes of Halo Legends. The […]

  • Halo Legends - Watch the full first episode here, now

    Quick. Before it gets yanked. The first fill episode of Halo animation Halo Legends – titled The Babysitter – is after the break. It was posted on Halo Waypoint earlier this week, apparently, before being removed. Go go go. Thanks, Destructoid.

  • Reminder: Halo Waypoint launches today

    Just a reminder to everyone that Halo Waypoint launches today on Xbox 360. The free application dubbed allows for easy tracking of Achievements, the Halo Legends anime (which is out on Blu-ray and DVD February 9) , progress through the games, screenshots, videos, news, and Avatar goodies like body armor, helmets, hoodies and t-shits. We […]

  • Halo Legends - soup action video released

    Siliconera‘s posted up a preview video of Halo Legends, the upcoming Halo anime. We’ve popped it after the break for you. Best games-related Japanese animation soup we’ve ever seen. Immense. Down below.

  • Halo Legends posters are simply spiffing

    Kotaku’s posted up some lovely promo pics from the upcoming anime Halo Legends. There’s one from each of the studios involved. That’s it, really. We could wank on about the “style,” but you’ve got eyes. So we won’t. Take a look.

  • Halo Waypoint gets a bit more detailed

    343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor was on hand at Comic-Con, and while there, he provided a few more details regarding Halo Waypoint. Waypoint will feature access to audio and video content, community features, the ability to follow your “Halo career”, track the Halo games you play along with the achievements you unlock and other aspects not […]

  • Halo Legends to be a Spartan affair

    Gamespot’s posted up details from yesterday’s Halo Legends panel at Comic Con, revealing the multi-part anime as a plot centred aroudn the story of multiple Spartans. The lot: Legends will explore the stories of many other Spartan soldiers besides Master Chief, including at least one female Spartan. They haven’t finished casting yet, which is why […]

  • Halo Legends gets first trailer

    It’s after the break. Halo Legends is the anime based on the whopping MS IP announced at Comic Con yesterday. Looks lovely, innit. It’s out next year, with Live previews this autumn. Both digital and disc releases are confirmed at the end of the movie.

  • Halo Waypoint to be a new destination for fans on XBL

    Microsoft has announced Halo Waypoint, a new destination for Halo fans on Xbox Live that is expected to launch in the fall. It will provide players with the latest in Halo news and activities, as well as contain podcasts, screens, trailers and other video footage. According to the press release, it will also “provide a […]

  • Halo anime - first images

    The first images of Halo Legends, a seven-part anime based on Microsoft’s console-leading shooter, have been posted by the LA Times. The project was announced at Comic Con in San Diego this week. Shinji Aramaki, director of Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina, is managing the project. There’s tons more detail through there.