GOA doesn’t plan to close any more WAR servers

According to a report from IncGamers, there are no plans close any other EU Warhammer Online servers.“GOA, European publisher of WAR, has no plans to scale back the WAR servers,” said a spokesperson. “There is an ongoing optimization process that deals with efficient distribution of players between the servers, which is designed to ensure all […]

12 years ago

Goa headlines

  • GOA: WAR registration issues will be "completely fixed" for launch

    Speaking to VG247 this morning, Warhammer Online’s European publisher, GOA, has assured that all registration issues gamers are experiencing with the game’s open beta will be resolved before release on September 18.“These issues will of course be completely fixed for the launch,” said a rep.The firm also said that current problems with new users getting […]

    12 years ago
  • GOA under pressure as Jacobs lays blame for WAR beta glitches

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has publicly blamed Warhammer Online’s European publisher, GOA, for registration errors at the opening of the Warhammer Online beta in Europe, saying the firm “messed up.”“GOA messed up, they apologized and they are working hard to do better,” he said on his blog. “This is a good start but not an […]

    12 years ago