Rust has already made 40% of GMod’s full 9-year takings, says Newman

Garry Newman, creator of GMod and founder of Facepunch Studios has revealed that his survival title Rust made 40% of what Garry’s Mod has made in nine years.

7 years ago

GMod headlines

  • GMOD creator: "If a lawsuit is the only other option left we’d rather rebrand"

    Olympus Games CEO Skylar Kreisher has issued a statement addressing Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman’s willingness to go to court over the question of who can use the term “GMOD”. The developer expressed regret that it has come to daggers drawn, swearing it had no intention to “attack” another developer and vowing only friendly intentions.

    8 years ago
  • Garry's Mod creator responds to Gmod Kickstarter, prepared to fight in court

    Gmod developer Olympus Games launched a Kickstarter for its mod library, tracking and creation platform back in April, but we’ve only just stumbled across it. It is not to be confused with Garry Newman’s ‘Garry’s Mod’ tool. Newman has discussed the conflicts and similarities between both platforms with VG247.

    8 years ago
  • Garry's Mod lures pirates to the ban hammer

    The eponymous creator of Garry’s Mod has identified a number of pirate users of his popular sandbox title with a delightful trolling session.

    10 years ago