Geometry Wars Evolved 2

Geometry Wars 2 camera mode shown in video

CVG’s posted a movie of a hidden camera mode in Geometry Wars 2, which allows the player to view the game from any angle.The camera’s a 3D affair, and it all looks very pretty. Take a look.

12 years ago

Geometry Wars Evolved 2 headlines

  • Geometry Wars Evolved 2 Achievements unearthed

    The chaps over at MyGamerCard have come up with the Achievements for Geometry Wars Evolved 2, which suggests we may be playing the sequel on XBLA sooner rather than later. No date yet, though.Thanks, Evil Avatar.

    13 years ago
  • Geometry Wars Evolved 2 gets Australian rating

    As you can see here, Geometry Wars Evolved 2 has been rated for release in Australia. Activision hasn’t announced the game yet, but it’s a bit of a no-brainer: the original is one of the most popular downloads from XBLA in both Europe and America, as far as we know.Note the “multi platform” bit at […]

    13 years ago