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Radio 1 listeners crown CoD4 as “favourite game”

Call of Duty 4 has topped a Radio 1 poll to find its listener’s favourite game.Football Manager 2009 came second, with Final Fantasy VII taking third.The vote was actually from a list compiled by a list of journos from the UK media, including Eurogamer’s Johnny Minkley and CVG’s Gavin Ogden.Get the full list through the […]

12 years ago

Gavin Ogden headlines

  • European DSi unboxed, looks like a DSi

    CVG posted up a gallery of editor Gavin Ogden unboxing a DSi. That’s it, really.See as Gavin sets the clock. Look at the size of the box. Do all this and more through the link.DSi launches in Europe at the beginning of April.

    12 years ago
  • New Halo game for E3, says CVG

    This CVG report – citing a “source” – claims that a new Halo game is to be announced at E3, and that it won’t include Master Chief.There’s no other detail. This may be the Peter Jackson Halo project, but it looks as though we’ll have to wait for the show to find out.The news comes […]

    13 years ago
  • The 10 most influential games journalists in Britain today

    Lists are brilliant. Channel 4 built a business out of them, so we’re not ashamed. Here are the ten most respected, influential games journalists working the UK trade today. These are the people PR want to kiss, the people you don’t leave alone in a room with your CEO, the people who’ll make you money […]

    13 years ago