Puzzle Quest: Galactrix lands on DS and PC

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix was released for DS and PC today.Kotaku says it’s on XBL and PSN tomorrow as well.Looks like we missed that memo.Launch trailer posted below.

12 years ago

Galactrix headlines

  • XBLA Puzzle Quest: Galactrix still not confirmed for February 24

    Puzzle Quest: Galactrix still does not have a solid release date for XBLA.Speaking with VG247, a D3 rep told us that while the game is scheduled for release on DS and PC February 24, a date still has not been set for the XBL version.“Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for DS and PC are confirmed to ship […]

    12 years ago
  • Galactrix gets release date for PC, DS, maybe XBLA

    A February release date for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on DS was confirmed today, along with the confirmation that a PC version would arrive simultaneously.An XBLA version isn’t 100 percent confirmed yet. February 24 lands on a Tuesday, which would mess up “the whole Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday thing” we have come to expect, says Joystiq.

    12 years ago