Galactic Strongholds

Player housing finally comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic next week

Star Wars: The Old Republic made a brief appearance at gamescom 2014, with a new trailer showing off the Galactic Strongholds expansion dropping next week.

6 years ago

Galactic Strongholds headlines

  • SWTOR's early subscriber access to Galactic Strongholds delayed

    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s early access to the Galactic Strongholds expansion has been delayed, according to a letter from senior producer Bruce Maclean on the official website. According to Maclean, subscriber early access has been moved from June 24 to August 19 so the development team at Bioware can add more features such as […]

    7 years ago
  • SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds announced for summer release

    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Galactic Strongholds expansion will be released this summer, Bioware has announced.

    7 years ago