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Ubisoft’s Xbox Live Hits Collection coming to retail next month

Ubisoft has bundled together Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust and Outland in a retail offering due on US store shelves September 21, according to Polygon. No word on the PlayStation 3 version; we expected both in March. More details when we have them.

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  • Beyond Good & Evil HD hitting retail in September

    Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust and Outland will release as a triple pack in retail stores next month, Ubisoft has confirmed.

  • Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection pops up on Amazon UK

    Those who like to shop online and like good deals may be interested in the Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection which Amazon UK has listed for £17.99. The collections includes the Ubisoft XBL titles Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust, and Outland. It’s set for release on September 22. Thanks, Xboxgamezone.

  • From Dust gets Google Chrome version

    Ubisoft has released a Google Chrome-native version of From Dust.

  • From Dust now available through Chrome Web Store

    From Dust is now available through Chrome. To celebrate its launch, Ubisoft has put the title on sale for week, and it will run you $9.99. After that, you’ll have to pay full price for it, which is $14.99. Get it now through the Chrome Web Store.

  • From Dust releasing through Google Chrome next month

    Ubisoft has announced From Dust will be released via Chrome in April. Chrome users will be able to play “a High-End console game within their very own Google Chrome browser,” says the release. A video showing how it will look is posted below.

  • Ubisoft digital triple pack listed for March release

    Ubisoft, if a listing from is a pointer, is set to release a retail package featuring three of its biggest digital titles of last year: From Dust, Outland and Beyond Good and Evil HD. The triple-pack will launch on March 19 for £19.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Thanks, Gamerzines.

  • Ubisoft celebrates 25th Anniversary with PSN game sale

    Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th anniversary by discounting 25 of its titles on PSN. The sale starts tomorrow, November 30, and runs until December 7. Hit the break for the full list.

  • Eric Chahi to embark on "new and fresh" project

    Eric Chahi, the creative force behind Another World and From Dust, has a mysterious new project in mind.

  • From Dust PC DRM removed

    Ubisoft has released a patch to remove the always-on DRM on the PC version of Eric Chahi’s strategy god sim, From Dust. The game was expected to release with a one-time only registration system, but mistakenly shipped with constant connection DRM. Ubisoft-hosted save files will be migrated to your PC when installing the patch. Thanks, […]

  • From Dust launching on PSN next week

    Ubisoft’s announced on the EU PS Blog that From Dust will launch on PlayStation Network next Wednesday, September 14. The game, made by Another World creator Eric Chahi, will launch for £11.99/€14.99. The God sim had launched earlier in the year as part of the Summer of Arcade line-up for Xbox 360 near the end […]

  • Steam officially offering refunds for From Dust over DRM troubles

    Steam is offering refunds to folks who purchased From Dust through the service, should they request one, per the urging of Ubisoft.

  • Ubisoft bringing Might & Magic, Revelations, Rayman, Rocksmith, more to PAX

    Ubisoft has announced the line-up of games it will be bringing to PAX Prime with it next weekend. It has also revealed an Assassins’ Creed panel and pre-order incentives for the fan event as well.

  • From Dust PC DRM to be removed by patch

    In response to ongoing complaints, Ubisoft will release a patch to rectify the PC port of From Dust’s DRM issues.

  • The Weekly Wrap - Gamescom ultra-analyzed

    Gamescom’s come and gone, and journalists the world over are nursing broken bodies and fatally wounded livers. We can’t curl up in our coffins just yet: we have to tell you what it all means.

  • Players apparently need to be online in order to experience From Dust

    Earlier today, there were some unverified reports circulating that Steam was providing refunds to those who purchased From Dust via the service, due to the inclusion of Ubisoft’s always-on DRM. Now, it looks as though over the course of the day, more reports have surfaced claiming the same thing, not to mention an entire shitstorm ensuing on […]

  • From Dust is Ubisoft's fastest selling digital release

    Ubisoft has told Gamasutra that day one sales for From Dust on XBLA were 45 percent higher than previous titles released digitally from the firm on the system. As a comparison, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sold over 70,000 copies during its week according to a Gamasutra analysis. From Dust was released on XBL July […]

  • Black Ops, From Dust tops Xbox Live activity charts

    Major Nelson’s posted the latest Xbox Live activity charts, with Black Ops heading the 360 list ahead of MW2 and Halo Reach for the week of July 25. Shocker. Ubisoft god title From Dust leads the Arcade pack from Bastion and WH40K: Kill Team, Total Miner: Forge is the leading indie game and GTA IV […]

  • Ubisoft confirms gamecom line-up

    Ubisoft has announced its lineup of games which gamescom attendees can play before the official releases by visiting the company’s booths at the convention.

  • Saturday Shorts: Sales, Gunstringer, Supervision, From Dust, more

    Time for some lovely snippets of tiny things to start your Saturday night off right. Hopefully, it will end with you completely pie-eyed.

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