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Players apparently need to be online in order to experience From Dust

Earlier today, there were some unverified reports circulating that Steam was providing refunds to those who purchased From Dust via the service, due to the inclusion of Ubisoft's always-on DRM. Now, it looks as though over the course of the day, more reports have surfaced claiming the same thing, not to mention an entire shitstorm ensuing on the matter. Get familiarized with it below.

Apparently, it all started with Ubisoft stating on its forums that the DRM included with From Dust on Steam would not require an internet connection. Since this was posted, it has been removed, and then later put back up with a disclaimer saying details are being checked, and an official statement on the matter would be coming shortly.

Sadly, it seems to have been removed again because we cannot find it.

Between all the forum post swapping around, folks who purchased the game from Steam found it was not possible to launch From Dust in offline mode because they weren't online. If logged into Steam's offline mode, launching From Dust would bring up a Ubisoft Game Launcher, which without an online connection, well, wouldn't connect.

RPS got in touch with a Ubisoft rep who said: "I can confirm that From Dust won’t require a constant internet connection, as before.”

The forum post, which was entered on August 1 by Ubisoft’s forum manager, stated that: "From Dust PC will release with DRM requiring a one-time only online activation. After which you will be able to play the game offline. We hope this clears any outstanding confusion on the matter.”

Apparently, not. Folks are still unable to play the game in offline mode, not to mention there are issues playing it at all, due to what many folks around the net are calling "a bad port."

RPS contacted Ubisoft to ask when the DRM would be removed, and "whether the porting will be finished."

In the meantime, folks seem to be getting refunds on the game through Steam customer service, and even Ubisoft has said to contact its support team for a refund if you like.

When more information becomes available on this, we'll update you.

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From Dust

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