Madden fraud claim to go to court

A district court has ruled EA Sports must face fraud claims suggesting the publisher failed to give the Madden NFL franchise’s original developer his fair share of profits.

8 years ago

Fraud headlines

  • Latest Dante dev diary shows Fraud

    Hit the link for the latest Dante’s Inferno dev diary, showing off the Fraud circle of Hell.One word: hardcore. Visceral’s literary actioner may ape GoW to a stupid level, but it looks just amazing. It’s out for 360, PS3 and PSP on February 5.

    11 years ago
  • Garriott suing NCsoft for $24 million

    Richard Garriott’s suing NCsoft for $24 million, according to this Kotaku report.The ex-Tabula Rasa frontman filed his action with a Texas court yesterday, apparently.Garriott’s claiming fraud. However it falls, this is unlikely to be pleasant.More through there.

    12 years ago
  • Halifax blocks payments to Blizzard, blames fraud

    British bank The Halifax has blocked payments to Blizzard, citing card fraud as the reason.In a statement, the bank said its decision to block payments was not a reflection of the integrity of Blizzard or its billing systems.“We have seen a significant number of fraudulent transactions through Blizzard’s gaming sites. We have, therefore, blocked the […]

    13 years ago