Final Fantasy Dimensions

Square-Enix claims £20 mobile titles do sell, not as negative as you’d think

Square-Enix is known for selling iOS and Android titles at a high price-point, but the publisher has stressed that its mobile strategy does work, and in many cases ends up being cheaper than some free-to-play titles, after factoring in microtransaction spend. Find out why below.

8 years ago

Final Fantasy Dimensions headlines

  • Final Fantasy Dimensions expected by month's end

    Final Fantasy Dimensions has been given a solid smartphone release date, according to Siliconera.

    8 years ago
  • Square registers domain and trademark for Final Fantasy Dimensions

    Square has trademarked something called Final Fantasy Dimensions in the US and Europe. Dug up by a NeoGAF user, the trademark was filed on January 16, and the domain has been registered as well. Theories on the trademark range from a Vita title in the works from 1st Production Department, to a game already […]

    9 years ago