Extra Life

Jazzpunk, How to Survive and Secret Ponchos grace Humble Weekly Bundle: Extra Life

The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is packed with a ton of goodies.

Extra Life headlines

  • Extra Life 2013 raises over $3.8 million for kids in hospital

    Extra Life, the annual charity gaming marathon, raised a record-breaking $3.8 million over the weekend – despite a callous DDoS attack.

  • Extra Life site knocked out by hackers

    The Extra Life video game streaming marathons for charity began this morning, but a few hours ago the event’s main site went offline. The event’s director Jeromy Adams has now said on the Extra Life facebook page that the downtime occurred because the site was DDoSed.

  • Twitch streamers have raised more than $8 million for charity

    Twitch’s streamers and their viewers have raised more than $8 million dollars for various charities over the years, as part of events like Desert Bus for Hope, Speed Demos Archive’s Charity Marathons and Extra Life’s marathons. Twitch said this amount could increase exponentially with this year’s Extra Life marathon, which is due to start this […]