1.1 million EUK games to be sold off cheap

Administrators are to auction off 1.1 million games accrued as part of distributor EUK’s demise this week, MCV reports.Burn-firm Deloitte is reportedly accepting tender offers for the outstanding warehouse stock, which also includes 2.9 million CDs and 1.8 million books.An anonymous publisher told the site, “We should be fine, but I worry about other suppliers […]

12 years ago

Euk headlines

  • Zavvi suspends game pre-orders as EUK bust bites

    Zavvi has suspended orders for games, films and music as it “unable to fully guarantee” the products will be delivered.Woolworths-owned EUK, Zavvi’s main media supplier, entered administration last week.“We have decided to suspend taking orders for these products while we work to resolve the situation and get back to normal,” Zavvi said in a statement […]

    12 years ago
  • EUK not delivering Resistance 2 to UK high street majors

    According to this GI story, something of a disaster may be on the cards for Resistance 2 in that EUK – the Woolworths-owned distributor that went into administration last week – has failed to deliver the game to UK high street stores.Apparently Zavvi, WHSmith and are still awaiting their supply of the anticipated first-person […]

    12 years ago