Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata PS3 gets firm Febraury date

Atari has announced that Eternal Sonata PS3 will be available on February 13. The tri-Crescendo developed RPG has been a long time coming, but Atari promised a February 09 release date last year and hasn’t let us down. Eternal Sonata was released on Xbox 360 in October 2007. By Mike Bowden

Eternal Sonata headlines

  • Legendary release dates announced as Atari confirms schedule

    Atari has just issued its release schedule revealing that the Spark Unlimited shooter, Legendary will release on Xbox 360 on October 31. PS3 and PC dates are simply listed as “November”. Other titles on the release list are: What’s Cooking: Jamie Oliver – October 24th Tamagotchi Connexion: Cornershop 3 – November Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm […]

  • Eternal Sonata PS3 confirmed for Europe

    Atari confirmed the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata for European release this morning. The RPG will ship in February next year. New characters and quests are included in the new SKU over the previously released 360 version. Press release after the link.

  • Namco releases 25 new Eternal Sonata PS3 screens

    On PS3F. They’e from the English language version of the musical RPG, which hits on October 21. Take a look.

  • Eternal Sonata demo on Japanese PSN

    A demo of Namco Bandai’s rather smashing RPG, Eternal Sonata, is now available to down from the Japanese PSN. If its anything like the 360 demo’s of both Tales of Vesperia and Trusty Bell that appeared on the Japanese Marketplace before it came west, then the language will be region-specific, meaning we should be able […]

  • Eternal Sonata PS3 given US release date

    Kotaku’s running an image from a Namco newsletter putting the official American release date for the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata at October 21. The western release of the RPG’s new version has been the subject of some debate this year, with Namco claiming the game would never get out of Japan at one point. […]

  • Eternal Sonata PS3 finally gets US release date

    RPGamer is reporting that tri-Crescendo’s rather superb JRPG, Eternal Sonata is set for release for PlayStation 3 in the US this “fall”. Videogaming247 was told just over a month ago, and to much upset, that the game would only be released in Japan. Well, it seems Namco Bandai heard your cries. By Mike Bowden

  • Eternal Sonata included on UK DS3 compatability list

    Lordy. Despite Namco America’s assertion that the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata would only be launched in Japan, Sony’s listed the game on a UK roster of titles compatible with DualShock 3. Fanboy heaven. See for yourself through the link.

  • Eternal Sonata PS3 shots released

    Some screens on IGN of the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata. The game that isn’t going to make it out of Japan. Don’t tell anyone that, though. You’ll be branded a “h8tor”. Have a look.

  • Eternal Sonata gets Japanese PS3 date

    According to this RPGFan report, RPG Eternal Sonata will release for PS3 in Japan in mid-September. As previously reported, the version is thought to be a Japan-only affair, much to the dismay of PS3 JRPG fans in the US.

  • Namco Bandai: Eternal Sonata PS3 "Japan only"

    Namco Bandai US has told videogaming247 that as far as it’s aware, the PS3 version of tri-Crescendo’s JRPG Eternal Sonata won’t make it out of Japan. “I can’t speak for any other territories, but I believe Eternal Sonata is only announced for the PS3 in Japan right now,” said the spokesperson. “We have no plans […]

  • Atari: No news on Eternal Sonata PS3

    Speaking with videogaming247 today, Atari has said that there are still no details on the PS3 version of tri-Crescendo RPG Eternal Sonata. “No news as yet on this. As soon as we have any I’ll let you know,” said a spokesperson. Eternal Sonata was confirmed in September last year for PS3, the new SKU supposedly […]