Ea Sports Complex

EA launches Club Fight Night DJ game in Home

EA has launched a DJ game for Club Fight Night located in the EA Sports Complex over on PlayStation Home, along with a rock ’em sock ’em robot style game.In it, two player-controlled robots beat on each other with the winner receiving virtual items.The Club DJ mini-game has players hitting buttons to the beat, which […]

12 years ago

Ea Sports Complex headlines

  • EA Sports Complex launches on Home

    EA has launched the EA Sports Complex launched on PlayStation Home.The space offers users a place to play casual multiplayer games and watch trailers and videos from EA Sports.First up is a tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game and a racing game featuring formula-style cars. Coming soon is a golf game complete with a driving […]

    12 years ago
  • EA announces Home sports complex

    EA has announced at CES 09 that it will launch the EA Sports Complex in PlayStation Home marking the software giant’s first venture into Sony’s lifestyle space.The service will allow Home users to play “exclusive new EA Sports multiplayer games, meet EA Sports fans, check leaderboards and watch EA Sports trailers,” writes PSBlog.“And better yet, […]

    12 years ago