Duke Begins

Report – Gearbox to reboot Duke Nukem after Colonial Marines wraps

Gearbox is reportedly set to reboot Duke Nukem after development on Aliens: Colonial Marines ends, according to the same OXM rumour wrap that cited Fable IV for a 2013 release this morning. The reboot will come with Duke Begins, the project that Gearbox was working on before taking over development on Forever after being in […]

9 years ago

Duke Begins headlines

  • Duke Begins was being developed by Gearbox

    Take-Two Interactive has revealed via new court records that Gearbox Software was the developer for Duke Begins.The game was originally revealed via a court filing by 3D Realms.Duke Begins was apparently part of an agreement between Take-Two and 3D Realms in 2007 with Gearbox handling development.Since all the court hoopla, the title has been sidelined […]

    11 years ago
  • Duke Begins unearthed by Take-Two lawsuit

    A previously unknown Duke Nukem title, Duke Begins, has been unearthed in a lawsuit response from 3DRealms to Take-Two.The game was apparently in the works at a “well-known videogame developer” and was supposed to release by mid-2010.Development began within two months of an October 2007 funding agreement between 3DRealms and Take-Two, with the developer retaining […]

    11 years ago