Nvidia 337.50 beta drivers boast hefty performance gains for Total War: Rome 2, Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs and more

Nvidia’s latest beta drivers aim to make a significant difference to your gaming experience, with performance gains of up to 71% on offer.

6 years ago

Drivers headlines

  • New Linux nVidia drivers available now

    Graphics driver updates aren’t in our usual style but with the launch of the Steam Linux beta today it seems like a good time to be giving your open-source computer a bit of a spruce up. NVidia has released a new set of R310 drivers for a significant range of products, which it claims can […]

    8 years ago
  • Nvidia begins Windows 8 driver updates, releases new updates for Win 7 and XP

    Another day, another Nvidia driver update.  However, this one is slightly more special than the rest.

    8 years ago
  • New Graphic drivers launched by nVidia which will boost Battlefield 3 performance

    Nvidia’s launched a new set of graphic card drivers for Battlefield 3, and PC gamers can expect a “major” performance boost when the game releases later this week.

    9 years ago
  • Outdated GPU drivers blamed for Rage PC issues

    AMD has released new drivers, available on its website, in response to complaints of screen tearing, texture and performance issues with the PC version of Rage.According to the Bethesda Blog, Id is working with Nvidia to push out a similar fix. Users are advised to wait for the Rage-specific update rather than upgrading willy-nilly.Of particular […]

    9 years ago
  • Rumour: Microsoft preparing Kinect drivers, SDK for PC

    WinRumors is reporting that Microsoft is preparing PC-compatible drivers and an SDK for Kinect.

    9 years ago
  • Creative reins in driver-creating fan

    Phil O’Shaughnessy, Creative’s vice president of corporate communications, has issued a statement on the company’s forums telling a community member to stop the unlicensed use of its technology.The user in question had initially helped out fellow community members by making Vista drivers which are as of yet unavailable from Creative itself. However, the firm decided […]

    12 years ago