Dragon Commander

Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-orders net Imperial Edition immediate beta access

Divinity: Dragon Commander is available for pre-order and those who reserve early, will be upgraded to the Imperial Edition at no cost.

7 years ago

Dragon Commander headlines

  • Divinity: Dragon Commander video shows 27-minutes of dragons-with-jetpacks madness

    Larian Studios has released a 27-minute developer guided video of Divinity: Dragon Commander. Watch below as dragons-with-jetpacks perform strategic maneuvers. We also have some screenshots for you below. The game will release on PC August 6.

    7 years ago
  • Divinity: Dragon Commander video shows off quite a bit of gameplay

    Larian Studios has released a new trailer for Divinity: Dragon Commander, which gives the viewer a nice glimpse at the PC strategy title. Head below for a watch to find out why the developer is calling the title a “dragons-with-jetpacks experience.” The website is now also open for business, so you should check that out […]

    8 years ago