Double Fusion

GameSpot’s Gerstmann-gate “baddie” moves to Double Fusion

According to this GameDaily piece, Josh Larson – the exec often as being involved with the “removal” of Jeff Gerstmann from Gamespot last year – has left CNET and is now part of in-game ad firm Double Fusion.More detail through there, should you care.

12 years ago

Double Fusion headlines

  • “PS3 is open for the ad business," says Sony

    SCEA and SCEE have just announced that Double Fusion will now provide dynamic in-game ads for PS3.“PS3 is open for the ad business,” said SCEA’s Phil Rosenberg. “We are very excited about hosting contextually relevant and well-crafted creative advertising on PS3. PlayStation is taking a major role in enabling this fast-developing sector that is positive […]

    12 years ago
  • Gearbox does in-game ad deal with Double Fusion

    According to this, upcoming Gearbox titles are going to have in-game ads supplied by Double Fusion. The developer’s currently working on Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Borderlands and the movie licensed Aliens: Colonial Marines. We’re not sure how Burger King marketing’s going to fit into 1940s France, but we’re sure they’ll find a way.

    13 years ago
  • Sony "opens up PS3" to in-game ads

    According to this, Sony is to provide an “open platform” to in-game ads in PS3, and now has internal team selling space on PSN titles such as Pain.The maker of the PlayStation3 system will offer an open platform, meaning in-game-ad-serving companies Double Fusion, IGA and Google-owned AdScape all will be able to sell ads in […]

    13 years ago