For all that is holy, why can’t actors convincingly pretend to play video games?

We live in a world where some of Hollywood’s most bankable action stars do their own stunts.

1 year ago

Dexter headlines

  • New Dexter game coming to iPhone, first details

    Mark Ecko Productions and Showtime has announced that the game of the rather excellent TV series about a psychopathic murderer, Dexter, is coming to iPhone as well as consoles. In fact, the first screenshot (above) is from the iPhone version.The game will be “‘investigative’ in style,” says the release. A game in which “the player […]

    12 years ago
  • Dexter game in development

    Sorry, we passed over this because we never watch television. Apparently a game’s being made of TV show Dexter. “Dexter is the extremely rare TV show with enough layers of action and tension to translate perfectly into a compelling videogame,” said Marc Fernandez, Ecko Entertainment’s VP. “Our game designers, writers, and artists are going to […]

    12 years ago