Transforming 360 d-pad update confirmed, new controller out November 9

Nelson just confirmed that a new 360 wireless pad, with the much-rumoured revamped d-pad, will release on November 9.The d-pad switches from a disc to a raised cross, amazingly. Pics and video after the break.

11 years ago

D-pad headlines

  • Rumor: Microsoft finally revamping Xbox controller's d-pad

    If this event was a library book, it’d be so long overdue that even Bill Gates would go white with sheer horror when he got a look at the late fee.

    11 years ago
  • Red Xbox 360 controller for the US on November 2

    Microsoft announced overnight that the new red Xbox 360 controller will ship in the US on November 2.This is the controller with the ever-so-slightly updated D-pad, if such things keep you awake at night.It’s going to cost $65.We still don’t have a date for Europe.

    12 years ago