Craig Duncan

Kinect Sports Rivals: free updates will continue over time in response to fan feedback

Kinect Sports Rivals reviews dropped yesterday, signalling a middling reaction to the Xbox One’s first-party Kinect-only debut. In a new interview, Rare has stressed that the game will grow thanks to free updated dictated by the community.

6 years ago

Craig Duncan headlines

  • Kinect Sports Rivals tech can be used in other games, says Rare

    Kinect Sports Rivals developer Rare has discussed the nature of its character creation tech, which uses the sensor’s camera to pull in and adapt your likeness. Studio head Craig Duncan has suggested that the tool could be implemented into future games.

    6 years ago
  • Wheelman studio gets new boss

    According to this Joystiq report, Midway’s installed a new head in its Newcastle studio, namely former Codemaster bus dev director, Craig Duncan. The outfit’s currently working on Vin Diesel adaptation, Wheelman.

    12 years ago