Cooking Mama 2

Majesco gets angry over Cooking Mama 2 review

The internet, eh? No one’s safe. Alex Navarro, ex-Gamespot writer, was the recipient of a rather snippy email from Majesco after he gave Cooking Mama 2 6/10, which has magically found its way online. Read it on DSFanboy.“With the first Cooking Mama reaching 1 million units in Europe and near of 1 million stateside, I […]

13 years ago

Cooking Mama 2 headlines

  • Play Cooking Mama 2 while you eat at YO! Sushi

    505 Games is to get YO! Sushi diners playing Cooking Mama 2 by pre-loading the game onto DSs and rolling them around the little conveyor belts found in the UK restaurants.The campaign will start at the Farringdon Road and Poland Street restaurants in London from Monday 14th April, with many more of the chain’s 30 […]

    13 years ago