Conflict: Denied Ops

Buy Conflict on Steam, get Deus Ex for free

According to this, anyone buying Conflict: Denied Ops through Steam will get the Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition completely free. You really can’t say fairer than that. “This offer ends on February 12th in North America, February 8th everywhere else,” said the statement.

13 years ago

Conflict: Denied Ops headlines

  • European PSN updated

    SCEE has sent word of what you expect to find on the European PSN today. So we’re telling you what SCEE told us. See? Glad to see Sky Diving made it. Bargain for £3.49.Games Sky Diving (SCEE) – £3.49Demos Conflict: Denied Ops (Eidos) – Free Turok Demo (Buena Vista Games) – FreePacks Folklore Malion Pack […]

    13 years ago
  • New Conflict has "auto-adjust difficulty level"

    Radical. Conflict Denied Ops alters its difficulty dynamically as you work through its campaign, according to Pivotal’s Terry Watts, and for those determined to be harder than hard, there’s a hidden super-tough level only unlocked after you beat the hardest setting.“We’ve got three difficulty levels, and a fourth that’s unlockable once you’ve completed the game,” […]

    13 years ago
  • Germans to get Conflict demo after all

    Eidos has moved to assure German gamers that the Xbox Live version of the Conflict: Denied Ops demo will be released in due course, and is currently in submission.“The demo has always been planned for release in Germany and will be available on Xbox Live as soon as it is through testing in our internal […]

    14 years ago
  • Germans miss out on "uncut" Conflict: Denied Ops demo

    According to Major Nelson, Xbox Live’s Conflict: Denied Ops demo isn’t being released in Germany. A German source this morning confirmed the reasoning.“It hasn’t been banned here,” he told VG247. “It has an 18 rating, but it seems they made some cuts to it. So they’re not offering the uncut demo here.”The shooter, releasing in […]

    14 years ago