Cliff Harris

“We are selling discounts” – Democracy dev on the negative aspects of sales

Democracy developer Cliff Harris believes regular sales and discounts do more harm than good for the games industry as a whole.

7 years ago

Cliff Harris headlines

  • Lionhead staffer was reprimanded for spilling details

    Gratuitous Space Battles developer Cliff Harris got in trouble with Lionhead when he shared information about upcoming games with fans.

    8 years ago
  • Rein apologizes to Harris over comments made during Develop panel

    There was a big hoopla on the internet last week, after indie developer Cliff Harris of Positec Games blasted Epic’s Mark Rein on his personal blog, over comments Rein made while Harris was giving a talk at the Develop Conference in Brighton.This has resulted in Rein apologizing to Harris for interrupting the panel discussion.

    11 years ago