Classification loophole allows under-age game sales in UK [Update]

This is awesome. According to this Times piece, the law governing the sale of classified material in the UK was never enacted. Yep: it isn’t illegal to sell classified games to under-agers in Britain.“The important thing is that we close this loophole as quickly as possible,” said a Home Office spokesperson.“No one should see this […]

12 years ago

Classification headlines

  • MMOs to be classified in Australia

    MMOs will now be classified in Australia in the same manner as single-player games, the Sydney Morning Herald’s reported this morning, and retailers will no longer be able to sell online games that haven’t been rated by the OFLC.The move directly affects sales of the likes of World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online, which never […]

    12 years ago
  • Singapore announces two-tier ratings system

    Singapore has announced plans to introduce a new ratings system for games, two include only two levels of age restriction: Mature 18 (M18) and Age Advisory.According to this report, “M18 is a restricted category for persons 18 years old and above with retailers required to conduct an age check at the point of sales.“Age […]

    13 years ago