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Kentucky Route Zero Act 4 “is almost done”

Nothing else matters. Shut it all down.

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  • Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 now available, Season Pass is 25% off

    Kentucky Route Zero developer Cardboard Computer has released Act 3 of its point-and-click adventure game for Linux, Mac and PC. Kentucky Route Zero’s first act released in January 2013, with the second arriving in May. An interlude between the second and third act is available. You can nab the game with its Season Pass for […]

  • Kentucky Route Zero dev hard at work but won't set release dates for remaining chapters

    Kentucky Route Zero developer Cardboard Computer was so “demoralized” by the negative reaction to missing past release dates that it’s held off giving even a vague release window for the upcoming chapters.

  • Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 now available through Steam

    Cardboard Computer has released the second act for Kentucky Route Zero on Steam. The act was delayed by a couple of weeks, after originally being slated for a late April release. The team tweeted yesterday that it’s working on a “few early bugs” so to be mindful of it. Those who own the game can […]

  • Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 release delayed by "a couple weeks"

    Cardboard Computer has said the second act for Kentucky Route Zero has been delayed a couple of weeks, which would put its release around mid-May. Originally slated for a late April release, the team got behind on development due to trouble shooting for “a larger number of players than we anticipated,” along with participation in […]

  • Kentucky Route Zero now available for purchase

    Independent Games Festival finalist Kentucky Route Zero is now available for purchase. The episodic game will be released in five acts, and you can purchase act one for $7 or the entire package for $25. If you are wondering if the game reflects the mysteries which are Kentucky in a meaningful, surreal or realistic way, […]

  • Kentucky Route Zero to be released episodically - watch the new trailer

    Kentucky Route Zero, the indie adventure game from Cardboard Computer, has a new video available which shows off its lovely, surreal atmosphere.

  • Indie title Kentucky Route Zero has cats, robotic country singers, helpful eagles

    Yes, it’s true. Kentuckians still dress like Loretta Lynn from the sixties if they are female, and men still wear their pants rolled up and meander around Mammoth Cave barefoot.