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Character renders for Factor 5’s cancelled title come to light

New concept art from character designer Daveed Kaplan has come to light, which shows renders of a game he was working on before San Rafael-based developer Factor 5 was shuttered in 2009. The art, uncovered by Siliconera, shows enemies and the main character of a game the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron studio was working on […]

9 years ago

Brash Entertainment headlines

  • Konami picks up Saw where Brash left off

    Looks like everyone’s favorite psycho, Jigsaw, is back from the videogame graveyard thanks to a quick rescue by Konami, says Variety.A Konami deal with Lionsgate Films will see the Saw game released this fall when Saw 6 comes out in theaters, reports the site.The title was seemingly destined for death when Brash when out of […]

    12 years ago
  • Atari saving Brash’s Tale of Despereaux

    After Brash Entertainment shuttered its doors last month, a number of the short-lived publisher’s unreleased games were left teetering on the brink of obscurity. Fortunately, the newly emboldened Atari reached out a hand just in time to stop movie tie-in Tale of Depereaux’s fall. With a big-screen debut only a couple of weeks away, this […]

    12 years ago
  • Jamie Bell to voice Jumper

    Unfortunately, this isn’t some kind of pullover-based fetish porn story. Instead, it’s about Jamie Bell, star of movie Jumper, doing the VO the game’s lead character, Griffin.Jumper: Griffin’s Story extends the film’s storyline, following Griffin, “a battle-hardened Jumper determined to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of the Paladins.”This is actually out […]

    13 years ago
  • Brash does Space Chimps

    A slight departure from Saw and 2010, the rumoured Clash of the Titans game, but a movie tie-in from Brash nonetheless. The publisher said today it was making the game for the animated Space Chimps movie from Twentieth Century Fox, to release alongside the film on July 18.“The Space Chimps movie introduces a loveable cast […]

    13 years ago
  • "2010" could be Clash of the Titans game

    The recently spotted “2010” game from Brash could be the film tie-in for the upcoming Clash of the Titans movie, says this. Brash also confirmed it’s handling the Saw game yesterday, so this doesn’t sound like the most impossible thing in the world. As long as the skeletons are done in stop-frame animation, we’re good […]

    13 years ago
  • Brash developing Saw game

    That sound is the Jack Thompsons on the world self-combusting. According to this, Brash is working on a game adaptation of “torture porn” movie staple, Saw. The player will apparently move through a plotline taking in various instalments in the four-film franchise.Saw’s being developed on the Unreal III engine and is tipped for a 2009 […]

    13 years ago