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EA lays off a “small number” of Boom Blox employees

Electronic Arts has laid-off a few of the developers working on Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox.

Boom Blox headlines

  • EA job listings hint at "next-gen" Boom Blox

    A recent EA job listing uncovered by Internet super sleuth Superannuation has “next-gen” and “Boom Blox” written all over it. Literally! “Our last two titles were Wii-based, but our next titles will be for the next generation,” says a listing by EA’s Boom Blox team. Previous listings have searched for the conspicuous mix of PS3 […]

  • EA not ruling out Boom Blox going multiplat

    Harvey Elliott, head of EA Bright Light studio, Guildford, said at Shrine Week in London that he wasn’t ruling out the idea of Boom Blox coming to other formats beside Wii. “I wouldn’t rule anything out, never say never,” said Elliott to Videogamer. “Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured […]

  • First Boom Blox sequel trailer here now

    More blox bashing madness is in store for Wii owners this spring, with Steven Spielberg’s sequel to his first foray into video game development, Boom Blox, arriving in the form of Boom Blox Bash Party. Details on the title are under embargo until later this month, but at least you get to take a peek […]

  • Boom Blox probably coming to other consoles, says Riccitiello

    Speaking to MTV at E3, EA boss John Riccitiello said that it’s likely we’re going to see Steven Spielberg puzzler Boom Blox migrating from Wii in time. “We haven’t made announcements on that front, he said. “Frankly, its original design was all about the control of the [Wii] wand. But there are other ways to […]

  • Boom Blox has sold 450,000 units, says EA

    In its first quarter earnings call last night, EA said that Spielberg Wii puzzler Boom Blox has now sold more that 450,000 units. The game was feared to have tanked after week one sales were shown at 60,000 copies when it released earlier this year. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • EA's Riccitiello wants Boom Blox sequel

    In an interview with MTV, EA CEO John Riccitiello said that Spielberg’s Boom Blox was a “hit title” and he’d love to see a sequel. When asked about Boom Blox’s relatively poor sales return Riccitiello said: “First off, we had a week’s sales with no advertising. Last time I checked MTV wasn’t a financial network, […]

  • Riccitiello: Boom Blox sales have met our expectations

    Speaking at the fun-sounding William Blair & Company’s 28th Annual Growth Stock Conference, EA boss John Riccitiello has said that he’s happy with the performance of Spielberg Wii game Boom Blox. “Right now, [Boom Blox] has met our expectations internally based on the model that was put forward by Kathy [Vrabeck] and her team,” he […]

  • Schachter calls for more Wii third-party hits

    UBS analyst Ben Schachter has called for higher profile third party titles for the Nintendo Wii following the May NPD software numbers. “While overall hardware and software trends for the Nintendo Wii continue to be strong, we would like to see more third-party hits on the platform,” said Schachter. “To date, Guitar Hero III, Sega […]

  • Wired gives Boom Blox an eight

    Wired’s posted the first review of Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox, and it’s been given eight out of ten. in a nutshell: WIRED Wide variety of gameplay styles, fun for casual and hardcore TIRED Success sometimes relies on random chance, editor can be confusing Wii-tastic. And that’s that.

  • Head-tracking feature pulled from Boom Blox

    Colour us shocked. Joystiq’s reporting that the Boom Blox head-tracking feature – that was supposedly going to allow players to move the game’s camera with head movements – has been pulled. From the site: At the Nintendo Media Summit, Boom Blox senior producer Amir Rahimi confirmed that the final version of the game will lack […]

  • Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions

    1up’s gone live with a heap of impressions from last week’s Nintendo Media Summit in the US. They did it first, so they get the links. Look: LostWinds! FFCC: My Life as a King Guitar Hero: On Tour LostWinds Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Samba de Amigo Boom Blox Update: Here’s Eurogamer’s stuff. So that’s […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit round-up

    Some of it’s been embargoed, apparently, but Cubed3 has as good a run-down of what happened today at the US Nintendo Media Summit as we’ve seen, so go have a look. It sounds like a thriller. Summary: Wii Fit WiiWare Mario Super Sluggers Boom Blox Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time According to the IGN […]

  • US Boom Blox dated for May 6

    The Wii Spielberg thing, Boom Blox, will release in the US on May 6, according to Joystiq. The game was confirmed for May 9 in Europe earlier today.

  • Boom Blox for May 9 in Europe

    According to CVG, EA’s Boom Blox will release in Europe on May 9. The Spielberg Wii puzzle game is… a Spielberg Wii puzzle game. Looks fun, so keep an eye out.

  • GDC: Boom Blox details and hands-on

    Here. Worth a look. Those in the know are going nuts for Spielberg’s Wii title, so it’s worth keeping on your radar until we know otherwise, at least. This piece includes the words “fascinating”, “creative genius” and “I loved what I played”. Go have a read.

  • GDC: Boom Blox to include head tracking

    It says so here. In his GDC session, Louis Castle, producer of Spielberg game Boom Blox, said by using two Wiimotes it’s possible to control the camera with your head. He was also keen to point out that the “feature” was an easter egg and not something EA was planning on promoting. Which sounds sensible […]

  • Spielberg is "just one of the team"

    Hot on the heels of the announcement of BOOM BLOX, the firts game to arrive from the Spielberg-EA partnership, comes an interview with the title’s creator, Louis Castle. Louis reckon’s Stevie’s just a regular guy. “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “He’s out at the office usually weekly, the only time he’s not around is […]

  • First Spielberg-EA game is BOOM BLOX for Wii

    EA just confirmed the first game to arrive from its partnership with Steven Spielberg is BOOM BLOX, a 300-level puzzle game for Wii. “I am a gamer myself, and I really wanted to create a video game that I could play with my kids,” said Steven Spielberg. “BOOM BLOX features an enormous amount of fun […]