Bioshock 2 Viral Marketing

BioShock 2 wine bottles already up on eBay

Looks like a couple of those Acadia wine bottles 2K buried on beaches around the globe have already hit eBay.Didn’t take long did it?Three different listings have been posted so far – and as of this post, auctions are currently at $49.00, $76.00, and $86.00.Surely each will be in the hundreds before the weekend is […]

11 years ago

Bioshock 2 Viral Marketing headlines

  • BioShock 2 goodies wash up on Bondi Beach in Australia, others

    Yesterday, D’toid reported that the BioShock 2 website had an event scheduled for different parts of the world today, and each location -ten beaches in all- would receive a teaser of sorts for the game.Sure enough, today, buried Acadia wine bottles were found on Bondi Beach in Australia, and inside each were three promotional posters […]

    11 years ago