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Fortnite patch 1.9.1 goes live today: adds 4K support on Xbox One X, smoke grenades, 9 new weapons, leader boards, more

Fortnite’s patch 1.9.1 arrives today and adds a shitload of new weapons, new modes, leader boards and support for 4K on Xbox One X.

3 years ago

Battle Report headlines

  • Latest SCII Battle Report shows Protoss Vs Terran scrap

    The fourth StarCraft II Battle Report’s after the break, showing Yeon-Ho Lee as the Protoss up against David Kim as the red Terran forces.It’s still looking awesome. Beta now. Please.StarCraft II’s out next year.

    11 years ago
  • StarCraft II gets new Battle Report

    It’s Friday! That means you’re allowed to not work/pretend to work and watch 18 minutes of Zerg Vs Protoss combat in the almost-beta-ready StarCraft II.Get it from, exclusively, apparently.Beta please, Blizzard. Thanks, Centipede.

    11 years ago
  • Blizzard posts first StarCraft II Battle Report

    Blizzard’s put up the first of what promises to be a series of captured matches from the alpha version of StarCraft II, this one being Terran versus Protoss.There’s a commentary from an eSports chap and one of the developers, and makes for great viewing. Check out there skillz.No date as yet. We’re pumped for this. […]

    12 years ago