Australia Tax

IT pricing inquiry condemns Australia Tax

A House of Representatives inquiry into IT pricing has found that Australians pay a higher price for technology, including games software, which is not justified by import and other local costs.

7 years ago

Australia Tax headlines

  • Apple, Microsoft to appear before parliamentary "Australia Tax" hearing

    Microsoft and Apple, along with Adobe, have been summoned to appear at a public hearing as part of the ongoing parliamentary IT Pricing Inquiry. Kotaku reports all three companies failed to voluntarily answer questions about international price discrepancies, and are now legally required to do so on March 22. The IT Pricing Inquiry is designed […]

    7 years ago
  • Parliamentary inquiry to investigate "Australia tax"

    Australian Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy has kicked off a parliamentary inquiry into international pricing discrepancies on downloaded content, software, and technology.

    8 years ago