Legally, Dungeon Keeper can no longer be called ‘free-to-play’ in adverts

Dungeon Keeper on iOS can no longer be called ‘free-to-play’ in adverts, following a verdict from the Advertising Standards Authority. The body just banned an EA advert after finding that player progression is severely limited unless they pay for in-app purchases.

7 years ago

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  • ASA - EA did not engage in false advertisement with Mass Effect 3

    The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled EA did not practice in false advertisement when promoting the fact players’ choices would influence the ending of Mass Effect 3. The firm found the endings in the game to be “thematically quite different,” and while it was aware players felt they didn’t influence the ending as much as […]

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  • Almost all games are responsibly advertised, says ASA

    The British Advertising Standard Authority has said it believes 99 percent of all games in the UK are responsibly advertised.The authority examined 241 ads examined last year to see whether or not they met guidelines.“Our survey is encouraging as it suggests that videogames are being advertised responsibly and in line with the Codes,” commented Christopher […]

    12 years ago
  • EA takes ASA heat for misleading on Tiger Wii graphics

    EA’s been rebuked by the British Advertising Standards Agency for using Xbox 360 graphics in a Tiger Wood commercial for Wii.The ad featured a Wiimote playing over 360 footage of the game.Why? EA said the Wii version didn’t look good enough.“They explained that Wii footage would not be of broadcast quality, and the originating agency […]

    13 years ago
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    13 years ago