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Lara does stuff in T3’s offices: pictures

Just because. There’s pictures of Alison Carroll “being” Lara Croft at T3’s offices here. That’s it. Look at them.

Alison Carroll headlines

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld launch period has been "crazy," says Carroll

    New Lara Alison Carroll’s told GameInformer that keeping up with the launch of Tomb Raider: Underworld has been a “crazy” experience, one that’s taken her all over the world. “It’s been crazy,” she said. “I was travelling yesterday so I came from LA and flew over to New York for today, and then today we […]

  • New pictures of Lara model show single expression

    Smile, love. It might never happen.’s posted up some photos of Alison Croft, nee Carroll, posing at Hamburg’s Next08 convention. Seriously, Alison. Cheer up. With a chest that size, how could you possibly be sad?

  • Lara model caught out on archaeology questions by Danish paper

    Not pretty. Ekstra Bladet – or “The Sun of Denmark,” as Mike would have it – has put some basic archaeology questions to Lara model Alison Carroll on camera despite constant protestations. The results are a bit of a car crash. Said the paper, translated from the Danish: “She’s beautiful to look at, but the […]

  • New pictures of Alison "Lara" Carroll surface

    On PCGH. These look as though they’ve been grabbed from a promotional movie, or something. Hardly the most savoury thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning, but there we are. Help yourself.

  • New Lara model video exposé

    CVG has a video from Eidos which charts how the company turned a mere secretary in to Lara Croft: greatest woman on earth, or something. Yes, see the amazing Alison Carroll become Lara through the CVG link. We’re glad it’s the weekend tomorrow. By Mike Bowden

  • Watch new Lara model speak in actual real life

    After the break. Alison Carroll, as you now should most definitely know, is the new Lara Croft model. Here, she talks to ITN about wanting to be on the TV. Which is lucky. Because she is.

  • New Lara Croft is registered model, contrary to Eidos claims

    While Eidos has been keen to play in the fact new Lara Alison Carroll was a receptionist until picked to be the new Lara model, it appears the high-kicking starlet’s rags to riches story may not be all it seems. Alison is a registered model and is represented by MCS, the same agency behind Love […]

  • Lara has "everything that a man would like to meet," says Carroll

    You couldn’t make this up. New Lara model Alison Carroll reckons Lara Croft has all the things a man wants in a woman. “She’s got everything that a woman aspires to be like and everything that a man would like to meet,” she told the BBC. Carroll’s comments came after her faff was smeared all […]

  • Lara model shots aren't the most subtle

    BunnyWithFangs has dragged together all the promo shots it can find of new Lara model Alison Carroll, and it would be fair to say Eidos could have been kinder. Carroll’s a gymnast, so doesn’t have too much of a problem with high kicks. We hope “have your freshly waxed, barely concealed genitals plastered all over […]

  • New Lara model was Croydon receptionist

    In The Sun. Not as fit as the last one. She’s Alison Carroll, a Croydon receptionist “plucked from obscurity” to pretend to be the big-assed gaming icon. “I’m single and having fun, I’m not looking for a long-term relationship as most men can’t keep up with me,” she said. “But playing Lara Croft, the sexiest […]