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  • Tuesday Shorts - Minecraft Xperia Play, Square Enix rebrand, Majesty iOS

    Oh god, I have to get some of this stuff off my desk or I will go mad. Mad. You’d better go through them – goodness only knows what treasure I’ve buried today.

  • "Have faith" in The Witness, says Blow

    Braid creator Jonathan Blow has asked gamers to “have faith” in his next game The Witness, following a very early showing at PAX last month.

  • Jonathan Blow and co. launch website, art for "The Witness"

    Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s dropped a few hints about his next project here and there, but now he’s finally seen fit to give us a proper peek at The Witness, as it’s known. But – wouldn’t you know it – we’re still just as confused as ever.

  • Blow's new game is The Witness

    A teaser’s gone live for The Witness, apparently the name for Jon Blow’s next game. It’s “an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island.” We say “apparently” as there’s nothing to link it to Blow himself on the site, although 50 million web reports can’t be wrong. Ever. Hit the link and see why. It should […]

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