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  • Zelnick: "You will see future Duke IP" at Take Two, looking at Wii U support "seriously"

    Take Two president Strauss Zelnick has said in a Forbes interview that more Duke Nukem will be coming from the publisher in the future.

  • Zelnick on Take Two buyout: "We enjoy being an independent company"

    Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has addressed rumours of any impending acquisition offers following the company’s recent massive success, saying it likes being independent.

  • Zelnick: Still "plenty of room" to push creativity this gen

    Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said there’s still life yet within this cycle of consoles.

  • 2K signs multi-year extension deal with NBA

    Take Two’s announced an extension of its NBA deal, which has seen NBA 2K11 sell 5 million units worldwide.

  • Zelnick: Metacritic ratings vital, "good is the new bad"

    Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said Metacritic ratings, and the reviews they’re based on, make a “real difference” to the game’s success – or failure.

  • Take Two won't do an Activision in annualising big titles

    Take Two president Strauss Zelnick has said the publisher won’t annually release its big titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead in the way Activision does with Call of Duty and Guitar Hero.

  • Zelnick: Criticising used game sales is "irrelevant"

    Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets 18th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference in New York yesterday, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said that moaning about the used games market is pointless: you beat secondhand sales with quality, apparently.

  • Ben Feder to step down as Take Two CEO from January 1

    Take Two’s announced Ben Feder will stand down as CEO of the publisher, effective as of January 1, 2011.

  • Take-Two CEO: Digital distribution won't kill game boxes

    Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick claims digital distribution could measure up to 40% of his company's business within three years - but that massive files mean the retail boxed copy isn't going anywhere.

  • Zelnick hints at BioShock future outside of 2K Marin

    Take Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has said that 2K studios other than 2K Marin may develop BioShock titles in future.

  • Take Two needs to "get bigger", says Zelnick

    Take Two president Strauss Zelnick has said that unless the company doesn’t “get bigger”, the firm won’t make a profit in a year where a major Grand Theft Auto doesn’t release.

  • Borderlands expected to become a "key franchise" for Take-Two

    Borderlands’ expected to become a “key franchise” for Take-Two, according to both big bossman Strauss Zelnick and CEO Ben Feder. This bit was cemented by the game’s “successful launch”. So, it looks like there is more Borderlands in our future. The call is ongoing, we’ll let you know if there is anything else you should […]

  • Take-Two on GTA V's announcement - quote of the century

    Guess what? Take-Two really doesn’t want to talk about GTA V. This is what Strauss Zelnick said tonight to an analyst in its Q3 earnings call when asked to give an indication as to when the next title in gaming’s greatest franchise is going to be announced: “We’re not going to announce it. We’re not […]

  • Take-Two's Zelnick is either lying or "incredibly incompetent"

    Marketrap has blasted Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick’s handling of the company recently, essentially accusing the chairman of either lying to the market or simply being outrageously bad as his job. “If you’re keeping score, in a two year period, Mr Zelnick managed to, on three occasions, make vital statements that were within a matter of […]

  • Zelnick - We want games like BioShock to sell 5 million units

    Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick needs his hits to be hittier, he’s confessed to VentureBeat. “We announced it sold around 3 million units,” he said of BioShock. “I’d like to see a title like that sell 5 million units. “That would make the difference for us. If you have four or five titles that are significantly […]

  • Gore Verbinski passes on fourth Pirates film to do BioShock movie

    Director Gore Verbinski has passed on the fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in order to focus on the upcoming BioShock movie. That’s fine, because, if we’re being honest, the last PotC film was shit anyway. Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick said last year that the BioShock movie will release alongside a third […]

  • Jack Thompson calls Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick a sociopath

    Disbarred attorney Jack Thompson has called Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick “a sociopath” in an interview with VGChartz. No joke. He also insulted his parents. Just for good measure. When asked if he thought parents should be lawfully punished for purchasing M-rated games for their children, Thompson disagreed – but only to an extent. “How would […]

  • Take-Two: "We're the right company for mature content on DS, Wii"

    Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said in the firm’s Q1 earnings call today that mature content on Nintendo platforms is something he’s going to do well. Go, Strauss. “I do believe there is an opportunity for M-rated titles on Nintendo,on the DS and on the Wii,” he said. “I believe we’re the right company to be […]

  • GTA IV tie ratios highest in series, says Zelnick

    According to this Edge report, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick’s claimed that tie ratios for GTA IV are the highest of any game in the series, at 32 percent for PS3 and 28 percent for 360. The exec cited NPD data as proof. “Our tie ratio for Grand Theft Auto IV illustrates the strength of the […]

  • Take-Two to sign with EA

    Take-Two says it is expect to sign a confidentiality agreement with EA which will allow “EA to enter into Take-Two’s formal process to evaluate strategic alternatives,” writes CVG. “We welcome EA into our formal process and look forward to demonstrating to their Board the significant strides made by Take-Two since they last undertook a detailed […]

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