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  • Radical aiming for 4 million sales with Prototype 2

    Prototype 2 developer Radical Entertainment has said its aiming for 4 million sales for the New York-set action sequel.

  • Prototype 2's Heller doesn't like helicopters or tanks very much

    New shots for Prototype 2 have released, and each depict various air and ground vehicles in the game.

  • Meet the Supersoldiers in Prototype 2

    Activision has sent over a set of artwork depicting the Supersoldiers which were created during the process of the Project D-Code experiment.

  • Prototype 2 monsters get the screenshot treatment, new video released

    Activision has released a large set of assets for Prototype 2 which provide a look at some of the enemies players will come into contact with in the game. Along with the screenshots and renders, are descriptions of the Infected, Juggernaught, Hydras, Brawlers, and the newest menace in the series, Flyers. Head on below the […]

  • Radical: Fans thought Mercer was a bit of "a dick" in Prototype

    Radical Entertainment’s Dave Fracchia has said the team hopes Prototype fans like the new protagonist Sgt. James Heller and think him less of “a dick” than his predecessor, Alex Mercer.

  • Prototype 2 gets Blackwatch Collector's Edition

    Activision’s announced today the Blackwatch Collector’s Edition of Prototype 2. The CE will come with the full game, as well as content from the Radnet Edition, the first DLC pack Colossal Mayhem, a CD for the soundtrack, hardbound art book, a digi comic of Prototype: The Labrinth and a 20 percent discount code for the […]

  • Prototype 2 PC release pushed back without reason

    Sorry, PC Massive – your Prototype 2 fix just moved three months further along the calendar.

  • Radnet Edition announced for Prototype 2, contains over 55 pieces of additional content

    Activision has announced a limited release for Prototype 2 call the Radnet Edition, which will include a one-time use code containing 55 free pieces of content to be delivered for the seven weeks ending June 7 following the game’s launch.

  • Pre-order Prototype 2 at Best Buy, get Hardened Steel bonus

    Activision’s announced the Hardened Steel bonus for anyone who pre-orders Prototype 2 at Best Buy. Hardened Steel will basically make any military vehicle stroll through a walk in the park through any level of attack. You’ll also get a poster for your pre-ordering troubles. Get a video of the upgrade below the break. The open-world […]

  • Radical and Dark Horse announce Prototype 2 comic series

    Radical Entertainment and Dark Horse comics have announced a digital comic series set in the Prototype universe.

  • Quick shots: Prototype 2 artwork and screens released for Heller, Guerra, Dana

    Activision has released new screens and concept art from Radical Entertainment’s April actioner, Prototype 2. If you head on below the page break, you’ll become privy to some renderings of Father Guerra, a Catholic priest living in a cathedral in the Yellow Zone who is an ally of Heller’s. There’s also a couple shots of […]

  • Radical: Chance to kill Prototype hero "too exciting to pass up"

    Radical Entertainment is delighted to be offing Prototype protagonist Alex Mercer in the upcoming sequel.

  • Pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop, get "Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker Ability"

    We kid you not. Activision’s said this afternoon that those who pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop in the US will get access to a special ability for main character Heller, known as the “Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker Ability”. The move will allow Heller to basically drop-kick enemies high up and drop “devastation from above,” according to […]

  • Quick shots: Alex Mercer enters the spotlight in latest Prototype 2 screens

    Radical Entertainment and Activision have releases new screenshots for Prototype 2, showing Alex Mercer, the first game’s anti-hero, who helped increase the deadliness of the Blacklight Virus by 1000% when he was a scientist for Gentek. In Prototype 2, his goals for both Sgt. James Heller and the human race “remain shrouded in mystery,” but […]

  • Prototype 2 dev diary aims at hunting, killing, becoming

    Activision’s dropped a five minute dev diary for Prototype 2, which it shows how main character James Heller is able to obtain certain rewards in the game by uncovering case files and missions that he must go to destroy in order to reap said rewards. The content is secondary to the main stuff in the […]

  • Quick Quotes: Heller's race in Prototype 2 is tricky, “nobody wants to touch it”

    “We started off with an amalgamation of Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood, and the resulting render looked remarkably similar to James Marsden – so we were like ‘Okay, scratch that one out’. As we were going, there was something about a concept sketch of some ethnicity or other that wasn’t just the the generic Caucasian […]

  • Prototype 2 developer diary welcomes you to NYZ

    Radical Entertainment has released a developer diary which discusses the team’s inspiration behind creating Prototype 2′s open-world area, known as New York Zero.

  • New Prototype 2 trailer takes you on a hunt for Alex Mercer

    Activision has released a new trailer for Prototype 2, and it shows the game’s protagonist fighting off enemies in order to reach his ultimate goal – finding and destroying Alex Mercer. The trailer’s pretty fun to watch and shows off some of the character’s powers, which includes a chain attack which reminds us of a […]

  • First ever Prototype 2 hands-on to take place at NYCC

    Activision’s announced that the first ever hands-on opportunity for Prototype 2 will happen at New York ComicCon this weekend. As part of the announcement, Acti also announced that it would also air part two of the three-part CG trailer at the event. it’s been showing as of late. It also announced Protothingy, a brand new […]

  • Prototype 2 gets storyline catch-up video

    As is becoming fashionable, Prototype 2 developer Radical Entertainment has released a ‘Previously on Prototype’ style video to get you caught up on the storyline, ahead of the sequel’s release next April.

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