KOTOR 3 was in pre-production at Obsidian

Today in news likely to make you fall to your knees and do the Darth Vader “noooo”, the never-greenlit Knights of the Old Republic 3 sounds like it was going to be totally sweet.


KOTOR 3 headlines

  • BioWare MMO for fiscal 2010, says Riccitiello

    According to this TVG report, EA’s John Riccitiello said at the William Blair & Company Growth Stock Conference in Chicago this week that BioWare’s MMO would release in fiscal “2010/11″. The game, being developed in Austin, is thought to be based on Star Wars, and was recently rumoured to be KOTOR 3. So there we […]

  • Disgruntled LucasArts employee lists games, says KOTOR 3 is MMO, hates Fracture

    Oh dear. The “rumour” of a ton of LucasArts employees being laid off appears a tad more solid after this post from Kotaku, in which a full list of development projects appears to have been given, as does a rather crass take on upcoming actioner, Fracture. According to the site’s source, the following are currently […]