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Disney confirms closure of Junction Point Studios

Disney has confirmed its closure of Epic Mickey developer Junction Point studios.


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  • Disney confirms closure of Junction Point Studios

    Disney has confirmed its closure of Epic Mickey developer Junction Point studios.

  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two confirmed, contains co-op, musical numbers

    Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two has been confirmed by the Associated Press and now a tweet from Geoff Keighley.

  • Marketing survey suggests Disney’s assessing interest in Epic Mickey 2

    Shots from a what appears to be a Disney survey, suggest the firm is determining whether or not there is sufficient interest in developing Epic Mickey 2.

  • Disney Epic Mickey isn’t called anything else, gets reviews

    Don’t call it Epic Mickey, for God’s sake. Walt’ll come out of cryogenesis and freeze your ass.

  • Spector most proud of “edgiest” area in all of Epic Mickey

    Epic Mickey is out next week on Wii, and for those who plan on picking it up will see a section of the game Warren Spector is surprised made it into the final version at all.

  • Warren Spector believes game industry’s in a “Golden Age”

    Warren Spector believes that due to games being available for every preference on every medium, the industry is currently in a “Golden Age”.

  • Spector not opposed to an Epic Mickey sequel

    Warren Spector has said his studio, Junction Point, is interested in further exploring the story of Epic Mickey once the original game is released.

  • Epic Mickey footage leaked onto internet

    Some new footage for Epic Mickey has appeared on the internet, showing some of the scenes you’ll be able to get your hands on when it’s released on Wii this autumn.

  • Epic Mickey videos feature Steamboat Willie, Smee, puzzles

    Junction Point Studios has released three Epic Mickey videos from E3, showing the spunky mouse battling pirates and walking around on a steamboat.

  • Epic Mickey inspired by Mario, Zelda and Deus Ex, says Spector

    Warren Spector has said the maps in Epic Mickey were inspired by Zelda, Mario and Deus Ex.

  • Rumor: Epic Mickey revamped, to be re-unveiled at E3

    Oh Mickey’s concept art, you so fine. You so fine you blow our minds. Hey Mickey’s concept art! Hey Mickey’s concept art! Your actual screenshots, on the other hand, not so much.

  • Warren Spector has multiple sequels planned for Epic Mickey

    Just how epic is Epic Mickey? Too epic for a mere one game, it seems, as cyberpunk-master-turned-steampunk-maestro Warren Spector already has a couple Epic Mickey sequel ideas bouncing around in his noggin. “I don’t do anything that isn’t extensible,” Spector told 1UP. “And I will certainly feel like that I have not done my job […]

  • What could have been: Warren Spector tried to acquire rights to Deus Ex

    Don’t get us wrong. We’re thrilled that Mickey’s been taken back to the drawing board, but we’d still love another Spector-directed Deus Ex. And hey! So would Warren Spector! “There were and still are ‘Deus Ex’ stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me,” he told Variety’s Cut Scene blog. […]

  • Spector wants franchise, film, and comics for Epic Mickey

    Warren Spector has said that he would personally like to see more than just a game for Epic Mickey, as the revamp of the mouse harbors loads of possibilities. These possibilities include comics, films, and turning it into a franchise. “I’ve had some discussions with people and really, really want to see some comics and […]

  • Epic Mickey PS3/360 down to Disney, says Spector

    Epic Mickey may not remain a Wii exclusive, Warren Spector’s told CVG. HD versions are “a decision that other people in the Disney organisation are going to make,” the developer said in London yesterday. Spector added, however, that he’s enjoying single-format work. “Right now we’re a Wii game and I’m happy to be able to […]

  • Epic Mickey was originally for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

    Epic Mickey was originally in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Warren Spector told Official Nintendo Magazine. “The reality is that we started Wii development in 2008, but before that we were a PC, PS3, and 360 title,” said Spector. “It’s burned in my brain – Graham Hopper [Disney Interactive boss] pulled me into […]

  • Epic Mickey: Gameplay details from London Event

    During the London Event for Epic Mickey, Warren Spector took the stage to chat a bit about gameplay details along with the history of the antagonist, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After inadvertently destroying the magical land the sorcerer created, Mickey is pulled from home, kidnapped, and dropped off in the Cartoon Wasteland he created where […]

  • Epic Mickey: Players delve into Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s world

    During the Epic Mickey event today in London, Warren Spector and Disney announced more details regarding the game, along with the announcement that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will be the antagonist in the game. Apparently, the sorcerer Yen Sid (from Fanatasia) “creates a beautiful, whimsically-twisted world where Disney’s forgotten and retired creations thrive” and Oswald […]

  • Spector – Epic Mickey went to Wii because of “congenial audience”

    Warren Spector’s explained the reasoning behind bringing Epic Mickey exclusively to Wii, saying the game’s simply the right fit for the console’s audience. The below quote’s taken from a massive – and excellent – Game Informer interview: GI: Why the Wii? WS: Well, think about it. Would you really want to tackle convincing Halo or […]

  • Epic Mickey – tons more imagery and animations

    Game Informer’s posted up heaps more artwork, shots and movies from Junction Point’s Epic Mickey. Take a look. There’s five pages’ worth there, all to do with the game’s graphics, design and animation. “Epic” is definitely the word. It’s out on Wii next year.

  • Epic Mickey – first GI scan

    Nintendodpad’s posted the first Game Informer scan of Epic Mickey. It looks mental. There’s only one page there, but you get a good idea of what’s going on. Looks a lot more colourful than we expected. Check it out.

  • Watch Epic Mickey artist draw Epic Mickey shit

    After the break. It’s a guy drawing Mickey facing off against an enemy, speeded up over three minutes. There’s no date on the Wii exclusive as yet, but there’s a press conference for the game in London later this month, so we should get more then.

  • Epic Mickey is definitely a Wii exclusive, says GI

    Game Informer’s gone on the record to confirm Epic Mickey as a Wii exclusive. Confusion arose after the mag said the game was only coming to Wii in an online teaser for its next cover, then altered its article to remove the claim. Apparently, the team was trying to save the info for the mag’s […]

  • Game Informer removes Wii-exclusive claim from Epic Mickey teaser

    Here we go. As noticed by GoNintendo and Wired, Game Informer has altered its Epic Mickey teaser page to remove a claim that the game is a Wii exclusive. The original claim of Wii exclusivity for the Junction Point project raised more than a few eyebrows, especially given the incoming spring release of Sony’s PS3 […]

  • Rumour – Junction Point working on Epic Mickey

    Superannuation‘s found a dev CV claiming Junction Point’s working on something called Epic Mickey for Wii. The guy involved reckons he’s a concept artist on the game, work which included “designing and painting concept/inspirational artwork” and “painting ‘boxouts’ for locations”. Junction Point is Warren Spector’s Disney-owned company, in case you’d forgotten. There’s more on Eurogamer.

  • Spector working on Epic Mickey?

    Gamasutra’s rumouring that Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios is working on a Mickey Mouse title called Epic Mickey. The site says it’s seen concept art showing “mockups of the potential game’s environment, including pencil sketches of cities assembled from junk. “Another sketch included a surreal seashore invasion scene, in which machines wearing the faces of […]

  • Warren Spector to keynote MIGS

    Alliance numérique, the organiser of The Montreal International Game Summit, has announced that Warren Spector will deliver a keynote speech at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, over November 18-19. Laura Fryer of Microsoft Games Studio, and Cheryl Olson and Lawrence Kutner, the authors of Grand Theft Childhood, will also be keynoting the event. More […]

  • GDC: Spector’s new project is “off limits”

    According to this, Deus Ex developer Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios is occupied by a single main project at the moment, but he’s not ready to say what it is. “No,” said the dev legend when asked the nature of the game. “That’s the one thing that’s off limits. We’re always working on a bunch […]