Bungie Day

Bungie posts letter thanking fans for 20 years of support

Bungie has thanked fans in a thump-in-the-throat open letter on its official website for making Bungie Day, and the firm’s 20th anniversary a success.

Bungie Day headlines

  • Bungie teasing July 7 announcement

    Bungie has announced that it’s going to make an announcement next week. This is a warning, so you have some spare underwear handy when the time comes.

  • Cold Storage Halo 3 map now live

    The Major tells us that the free Bungie Day Halo 3 map, Cold Storage, is now available on Xbox Live. That’s “free”. So you have no excuse.

  • Full Bungie Day treat details released

    Update: The Theme and Gamerpics are on Live now. Microsoft’s just put out a press releasing detailing everything gamers can expect to see from Bungie next Monday, or “Bungie Day” as July 7′s commonly known. As previously reported, new Halo 3 map Cold Storage will be made available for free and the Legendary Map Pack […]