Warriors Orochi Z

Warriors Orochi Z will not release in the US

Warriors Orochi Z will not be released in the states, according to a report from Siliconera.The game’s been out since March in Japan and it’s absence at E3 prompted the site to ask Koei if the game was even still being released.Turns but plans for the project have been shelved which makes this the first […]

12 years ago

Warriors Orochi Z headlines

  • Koei "sure" Warriors Orochi Z to be given Euro release

    Speaking to SI, a Koei rep said the company was sure that hack’n’slasher Warrior Orochi Z would find its way to European PS3s at some point.“No definite plans yet but the Warriors Orochi games proved really popular over here so I’m sure it will,” said the spokesperson.Warriors Ochi Z has been given a March 12 […]

    12 years ago