Sony to terminate Ustream support on PS4 in August

If you are a Ustream user on PlayStation 4, you’ll have to switch to dailymotion, YouTube or Twitch.

5 years ago

Ustream headlines

  • PS4's Ustream tech isn't exclusive to Sony's console

    PS4 was announced last week and as many predicted, the ability to stream your gameplay to the world was unveiled. Powered by Ustream, the company’s CEO Brad Hunstable has stated that the tech is not exclusive to Sony’s rig. Could Xbox 720 / Durango also get a taste?

    8 years ago
  • SCE Japan to host Vita livestream today

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a web presentation for February 18 at 5:00PM Tokyo time, which is just a few hours away. No details of content have been provided, but the presentation is focused on the Vita and is a spring 2013 update. You can tune in on the Japanese PlatStation site; the presentation […]

    8 years ago
  • Deathsmiles coming to iPhone July 7

    The madcap Japanese arcade shooter turned Xbox 360 game will be coming to the App Store very soon according to developer Cave. They’ll also be offering a prerelease sneak peak at the new iPhone content.

    10 years ago