Things On Wheels

SouthPeak publishes “games for their own merits”

We should hope so too. In this EG interview, SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz said it’s not to much the platform that attracts the publisher’s attention than the game itself.“We prefer to publish games for their own merits, rather than because of the platform that they’re on – there’s still plenty of titles coming up and […]

13 years ago

Things On Wheels headlines

  • Load Inc. XBLA racer for summer

    According to this, SouthPeak is to release Load Inc.’s upcoming racer, Things on Wheels, on XBLA this summer.An “accessible, pure arcade racing title”, it involves driving remote-control cars around the rooms of a house with tracks built up of everyday items. A bit like Micro Machines used to be. But definitely nothing like it at […]

    13 years ago