APB tattoo system could help real tattoo artists, say tattoo artists

Realtime World has released its latest APB video podcast, this time including an interview with local tattooists and how they believe the MMO’s tattoo system could actually help with real-life inking.It’s towards the end of the file. There’s a bunch off faffing around for the first bit.APB’s out in early 2010.

11 years ago

Tattoo headlines

  • A video of gaming tattoos

    Nothing to add other than, “Don’t get a Quake logo tattooed on your tits.”

    12 years ago
  • Man has "This is Living" tattoo

    Here. This guy works for SCEE. There’s another picture through the link of a man with a DualShock tattooed on his shin. The follows last week’s “PS3” tattoo. We hope there aren’t too many more of these.

    12 years ago