Subject Zero

New Mass Effect 2 character video shows Subject Zero

A new Mass Effect 2 character video has come from BioWare, showing off our favourite lovable tattooed woman in games, Subject Zero.

Subject Zero headlines

  • Tattooed Mass Effect 2 sex woman gets screens

    She’s bad. She’s bald. She swears like a sailor. She says “sex” in a videogame. It’s Mass Effect 2’s Subject Zero. See new screens of her on Gamikaze. First video of the new character popped up yesterday. She really should get a better tattoo artist. The massively anticipated BioWare RPG’s out early next year. Thanks, […]

  • New Mass Effect 2 trailer introduces girl Kratos

    The latest Mass Effect 2 trailer’s all about Subject Zero, who surprisingly isn’t a blue-suited ice ninja. Instead, she’s a hootin’-hollerin’ rage machine. Short of the immolated chain swords, she’s basically God of War’s Kratos. Same hairstyle and everything! Watch her in action after the break, courtesy of GameSpot.