Stephen Kazmierczak

Thompson threatens NIU with lawsuit

Jack Thompson has written to North Illinois University threatening a lawsuit if the institution doesn’t hand over any documents related to killer Steven Kazmierczak’s experience with videogames. “Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request production of copies of all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent video games, including but […]

12 years ago

Stephen Kazmierczak headlines

  • Thompson writes to NIU president on "mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike"

    Anti-games campaigner Jack Thompson has written to the president of North Illinois University – site of this week’s shootings by former student Stephen Kazmierczak to again link the crime to “mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike”. Following the shooting, Thompson appeared on Fox News to immediately associate the killings with gaming. Yesterday, the New York Post […]

    12 years ago

    The Murdoch-owned New York Post has linked the fact that Stephen Kazmierczak – the guy that shot five people dead at North Illinois University earlier this week – played Counter-Strike four years ago to the other fact: he was sick as a sack of hats. “He played a lot of video games, especially Counter-Strike, really […]

    12 years ago
  • Thomspon connects US shooting to games - video

    This is pretty shocking. As you can see from the video below, US attorney Jack Thompson made more than a passing reference to games on Fox News yesterday in relation to the llinois University shooting this week. The first thing Thompson said in the report, in response to a question about what can be drawn […]

    12 years ago
  • Thompson blames Illinois shooting on games

    According to this, anti-games campaigner Jack Thompson appeared on Fox News this morning to blame yesterday’s Illinois University shooting on games such as Counter-Strike. As far as we’re aware, no evidence has linked anything that happened during the shooting with gaming in any way. Stephen Kazmierczak opened fire on a class at the university yesterday, […]

    12 years ago